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74th Crusaders M/C

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Website Address 74th Crusaders Home
Address P.O. Box 185

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia B0S1A9
Country Canada
Phone (902) 532-7269

The 74th Crusaders Motorcycle Club is located on the shore of the beautiful Annapolis River Basin just outside the historic town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. The club was formed in 1974, hence the name 74th Crusaders, it was comprised of, we believe, 20 members. The members to the best of our recollection were, Richard Bent, Allan Brooks, Bobby Burrell, Brett Courtney, Brian Cummings, Ted Gillis, Ian Mailman, Tommy Mack, Carl Marshall, Fred Maxner, Murray Longmire, Gary Harry, Ron Porter, Curley Rowlings, David Payne, Jamie Shepherd, Ricky Shorey and Len Telfer.

The Club's facilities, quite meager in the beginning, were originally owned by the Annapolis Boat Club. The Club was very active in the 50's and 60's. At this time interest in boating was very high. This club's membership gradually declined for various reasons. In 1974 the property became available to a group of motorcycle enthusiasts whose chartered members formed the 74th Crusaders Motorcycle Club.

Members of our Club have a common interest and this interest in motorcycles is shared with all those who care to listen. We are dedicated in the safe operation of motorcycles and are widely known for our charitable activities in the Province of Nova Scotia and beyond.

Our current membership is about 40 members. We are very proud of our facilities and welcome visiting motorcyclists from around the world.