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Welcome to the 'BMW Owners of Nova Scotia', formed in 1978.

The club is charter member # 97 of the 'BMW MOTORCYCLE OWNERS of AMERICA' club.
We are also charter member # 291 of the BMW RIDERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL. You may want to refer to these #’s when registering at some BMW rallies where they may have awards for most members in a club in attendance, etc.

Our club currently has 97 (as at 2003 January 19) members, with members from Sydney to Bridgewater to Bridgetown, to new Denmark, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Club crests and decals are available. Price is $4.50 for a 3" crest and $2.00 for the decal (a decal and crest are included with membership).

The club holds regular meetings at various eating establishments, from November to March. From April to October we ride to meeting places.
We usually plan these rides around a theme that will result in bringing club members together to promote the sport of motorcycling.

For a number of years we've hosted a 'Bavarian Welcome Hour' at the Apple Valley Riders , Bluenose Rally held in Billtown, N.S., on the Friday night of the Canada Day weekend. This has been very successful and you're invited to participate in both the dispensing of the products and in attending the rally itself.

Kelly Insurance in Dartmouth offers discounts on insurance rates (unverified as of the update 2010 Feb 9) to riders who can show proof (membership card) of belonging to a M/C touring club. Our club qualifies for this and some members have taken advantage of this offer.
Since everyone's insurance needs/situation is different, it's best to shop around. The 'savings' may not be enough to make you switch from your current setup.

Proof of membership in our club will also get a 10% discount on parts (except BMW parts) and accessories at Pro-Cycle, Dartmouth, N.S. RPM cycle will also honor a 10% discount on purchases there.

The executive encourages you to bring your ideas to the attention of all members. Whether this be in the area of rides, social events, meetings, club direction, etc. All members are encouraged to participate in these organized rides, meetings and other functions.