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Apple Valley Riders

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Website Address AVR Home
Address 6 Beckwith Street
Wolfville, Nova Scotia B4P1R4
Country Canada
Phone 902-678-3910

Apple Valley Riders came into being as a result of interested motorcycle enthusiasts wanting to have a body in which to enjoy their sport with other like minded individuals. It is the evolution over many years of several other bike clubs that have existed in the Annapolis Valley.

clubhouse.jpg In the mid 1960's there was a club formed by members Chuck Sweet and Dave Rundle-Woolcock located initially in the Greenwood area. This club was called The Acadian Cycle Sports Club and consisted of armed forces personnel from the Canadian Air Force Base at Greenwood and university students attending Acadia University in Wolfville. The members rode British twins, Harley Davidsons and a new Japanese brand called Honda. The activities included field days at Chuck's apartment location in Kingston, trials in gravel pits and road runs such as poker and navigation runs. Over time, this club attracted other interested riders from Annapolis Royal to the Hantsport area.

john.jpgWith the inevitable transfer of forces members and students, the ACSC disbanded in 1967 and reformed into a new club located in the Wolfville area. This club was called The Pathfinders Motorcycle Club. This club continued with the same type of motorcycle activities and had a very active off road side sponsoring CMA sanctioned Scrambles, Enduros and Trials in Black River, Hantsport and Kentville locations. It was during these years that the idea of a motorcycle touring rally in the valley happened. There was such a rally in Ontario called the Maple Leaf Rally organized by the Piston Pushers MC. The first Bluenose Rally was organized by members Harry & Linda Nash and John Pineo and held in 1970 at the Sherwood Forest Campground in Coldbrook. It was later moved to Pine Grove Campground in Coldbrook and finally to the property of member Tony Mason in Billtown where it presently continues.

The Pathfinders Motorcycle Club eventually split up with members forming other clubs in the area with names such as The Club and Ace of Clubs. This situation continued with three clubs operating until a reconciliation took place in 1974. It was at this time that Apple Valley Riders was formed. This happened as a result of a notice placed throughout the valley at bike shops stating that a new club was to be formed.All interested members of other bike clubs in the area were invited to attend a charter meeting held at the community hall in Greenwich. At this meeting Arnold Forsythe was elected our first President. The club was incorporated in 1979 and over the past 34 years has attracted members from throughout Nova Scotia although the core membership continues to be in the Wolfville area. We also have members residing in the USA as well.

rallybrunch.jpgThese days the major activity of the Apple Valley Riders is operating the Bluenose Rally. This is the 40th year for this event and it is the oldest motorcycle rally in the Maritimes ( possibly the nation). The club also has road rides and other social events.

The Apple Valley Riders endorse safe motorcycle touring; several members are, or have been, instructors of the Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Program, Gearing Up. This is a family oriented club.

This group has experienced a piece of history in the growth of motorcycling in our part of the world. We have seen the evolution in the machines and lived the excitement of the sport through our participation in the motorcycle club  fraternity.